Friday, September 11, 2020
2021 cofc cancelled.

Hello Vanners,
Hope we are finding everyone out there healthy and staying as safe as possible while still trying to have some safe fun. Current event listing on Florida Van Council is showing 6 or 7 cancelled or postponed events for the remainder of this year, but more events listed as a go so time will tell!

We have deliberated amongst ourselves as well as with the Nats Board and current hosts for 2021....with the interests of keeping our Vanner family as safe as possible, we need to make the difficult call to Postpone the 2021 event to Feb 7-16, 2022.

Some would say it is too early to make such a decision but we are not alone in looking to the future months and monitoring what is already or still happening, with the Covid issue. With Council events requiring most to have to book air travel and Truckin's are usually time and gas commitments we feel the call needs to be made sooner than closer to the event and the reason to make the call now.
Hoping everyone finds a way to stay safe, sane and having fun !!


 The  Pacific Van Council is very proud
to be presenting
the 2022 Council of Councils
in beautiful
Buena Park California!
This is the same great location as the
2022 CofC with all new
updated rooms.

There is so much to do in
this area, we'll add details very soon.

For info contact: